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Fiber Optic Systems

We offer voice and data network cabling, fiber optics, and data center and switch room designing and building.  

A fiber optic cable network is the gold standard of today's information age. There is no better option than fiber optic cables for high-performance data networking and telecommunications over long distances. The high bandwidth of fiber network cables is required

to meet today's needs for voice/data/video streaming.

Security Camera
Watching TVs

Security & Access Control Systems

Our video surveillance systems are designed around your requirements. Visible and hidden cameras, wireless networks, motion detection, and camera controls accessible from your computer or smartphone.

The access control systems is a critical component of a comprehensive security strategy that increases safety, serves as a crime deterrent, monitors traffic levels, and allows for capturing and documenting security events on your premises.

Audio Visual Solutions

We can successfully design and integrate any large or small-scale AV system.  Allow us to create an AV system and installation that fits your exact requirements. If you are unsure where to begin, we can also help provide a complete system design to meet your budget expectations.

 Regardless of your needs, whether entertaining, educating or enabling your daily business functions, we have the solution tailored to your needs.


Network Solutions

Network infrastructure is a term for everything that comprises a computer network. This includes hardware (wires, routers, switches and software) which manages how the computer network behaves. The dramatic rise in the use and development of apps for collaboration and communication also demands a wider embrace of wireless network infrastructure. Wireless access to the internet and to key applications and resources helps all employees in any workplace—hybrid or traditional—stay productive.

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Engineering Design Services

Cabling infrastructure is complex. That’s why it’s essential that you have someone on your team who
understands all aspects of this highly technical area.

Chad Preslar, RCDD, has expertise in the design, integration and implementation of telecommunications and data
communications transport systems and related infrastructure.  Chad can create the detailed design of a new system and/or integrate design into an existing structure.

Projects & Partners

Our goal at Source Connect Technology is to increase the profitability and productivity of our clients through the design and implementation of leading-edge low voltage solutions.

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